[Gedicht] This is your day

Dies ist ein weiteres Gedicht, welches ich vor vielen Jahren geschrieben habe.

This is your day

Wake up! A new morning has come
It's time to start the day - Come on!
Everything is possible on this new day
Sunny day, lovely day
Get up! Set up! Sun is up
Twentyfour hours full of time
So do what you want to do
Happy day, beaty day

This is a new chance to live your life
Make this day a wonderful day
Start it well and make it better
This is your day, only your day
Forget yesterday and think of today
Morning until evening, day and night
The sun smiles at you
This is your day, only your day

Make it! Get it on today
Don't let it get bad or even sad
Just laught to save your happiness
Sunny day, lovely day
Dot it! Groove it! Shine so fine
Everyday meke the best of it
Di not sit around now
Happy day, beauty day

This is your day, only your day